Alternative Investing

Growing and protecting wealth
Putting cash to work for merchants while earning healthy returns for our lenders.

P.S. Harris & Co. has partnered with White Chair Capital to be able to offer an alternative to fixed income investing to our clients

Banking as we know it is undergoing a paradigm shift. Fewer and fewer banks are serving the retail needs of consumers and small businesses alike. They may soon become the new “unbanked” segment in America. Peering into the future, it is easy to see that many of these banks will no longer be a resource for capital for small to medium-sized businesses. 1st Global Capital has recognized this trend in as put in motion the initiatives necessary to not only be the vanguard of this change but to capture an opportunity to benefit our financial partners.


1st Global Capital is the next generation financing product for small and medium-sized business owners. Analysis of the economic situation suggests there will be a strong, growing demand for capital from these companies and that traditional financing mechanisms will be unable to adequately respond. This will result in a dynamic and expanding marketplace for small to medium-sized business financing and 1st Global Capital is well positioned to optimize this opportunity.


We are confident that our model will provide a strong added value in the domestic marketplace, which will remain the core of our operations as well as exploring International expansion. We are seeking potential lenders to assist 1st Global capital in meeting its aggressive growth targets, joining well respected organizations such as Google Ventures and Goldman Sachs, whom have already invested in this growing industry.


In exchange for providing funding to 1st Global Capital we are offering competitive and fix returns secured by the funding portfolio itself.



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